FAQ: MCUXpresso Software and Tools

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FAQ: MCUXpresso Software and Tools

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FAQ: MCUXpresso Software and Tools

What is MCUXpresso software and tools?

The MCUXpresso toolkit include three components:

  • MCUXpresso IDE – an integrated development environment (IDE)
  • MCUXpresso SDK  –  embedded runtime software (drivers, stacks, middleware, RTOS), and
  • MCUXpresso Config Tools - configuration tools in online and desktop editions that provide graphical user interfaces for creating system initialization software that is compatible with the MCUXpresso SDK. 


Which devices are supported? MCUXpresso SDK

A comprehensive list of supported devices is available in the Community document here.

MCUXpresso SDK:


I'm using Kinetis SDK today. Should I move to MCUXpresso SDK?

Yes, it is simple and seamless to move to MCUXpresso SDK. Moving to MCUXpresso SDK should have no impact on your current designs, as the new MCUXpresso SDK is based entirely on the Kinetis SDK v2. 


I'm using LPCOpen today. Should I move to MCUXpresso SDK?

LPCOpen packages that are already available continue to be maintained, and can be used with MCUXpresso IDE. Some LPC devices have both LPCOpen and MCUXpresso SDK support, but it is recommended that MCUXpresso SDK be used in order to take advantage of future updates and improvements. 


Does the MCUXpresso SDK require use of the MCUXpresso IDE?

No.  The MCUXpresso SDK will include many demo applications and usage examples with pre-configured MCUXpresso IDE projects, but will also include pre-configured projects for IAR Embedded Workbench, ARM Keil MDK, and GNU tools with Cmake build scripts.


Does the MCUXpresso SDK require use of the MCUXpresso Config Tools?

No. The MCUXpresso SDK contains all the software needed to get started with embedded development on Kinetis and LPC devices.  However, the Config Tools can greatly accelerate development through the graphical interface that guides you through system configuration (including pins and clocks tools)

If I want to continue using previous versions of Kinetis SDK or LPCOpen SDK, where can I download those?

MCUXpresso IDE:


I'm using Kinetis Design Studio IDE today. Should I move to MCUXpresso IDE?

You can continue to use Kinetis Design Studio (KDS) IDE on your current project, as it will continue to be supported by the MCUXpresso SDK through the end of 2017. But, for any new projects you begin, you should migrate to MCUXpresso IDE (or other preferred IDE). MCUXpresso IDE is available now and has broad device support (see a list of supported devices in the Community document here). If you are starting a new desig, we encourage you to move to MCUXpresso IDE.  


I'm using LPCXpresso IDE today. Should I move to MCUXpresso IDE?

You can continue to use LPCXpresso IDE on your current project. However, MCUXpresso IDE includes full support for legacy and new LPC devices. The MCUXpresso IDE is very similar to the LPCXpresso IDE, and therefore, should be very familiar to you. We recommend moving to MCUXpresso IDE to take advantage of the latest improvements and to star up to date with GNU toolchain releases. 

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