MPC5746C Bootloader with MPC574XG-MB DEVKIT


MPC5746C Bootloader with MPC574XG-MB DEVKIT

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I am using S32 DS, SDK RTM v3.0.0 with MPC574XG devkit and MPC5746C MCU.
I've searched a lot of documents and discussion regarding this issue but I cannot find any document that explains clearly for the bootloader via RAppID.
My goal is to develop a bootloader for MPC5746C MCU Meanwhile there is an example for the MPC5748G and I have got an MPC5748G MCU. I applied every stage that explains description path of the example project but when I try to download the .srec file via RAppID program, a classic error occurred like the following image Loss Communication CCP MCU! Some thread mentioned about this problem but nobody has shared a good solution or sample project exactly!

pastedImage_2.png   pastedImage_3.png

My questions are:

1-  I need an MPC5746C "RBF" file, where can I find it?

2-  How can I connect the DEVKIT board serial port correctly? Only needs to connect with a serial USB cable?

3-  How can I fix this CCP MCU error? What is the root cause? 

4-  There are some RBF file in the "MBDToolbox_MPC57xx_3.0.0_20190218"  folder. Can I use this RBF file for general usage?

Thanks in advance.

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rbf file for MPC5746C can be found in this package: 

Yes, just connect USB cable to MPC574xG-MB. You can test which COM port it is - two new port should appear. 

Don't do power-off / power-on sequence as suggested by the message, just reset the MCU by button. Power cycling can't be used due to serial-to-USB bridge.

There's relatively small delay, so try to reset the MCU and then click on "Start Bootloader" in about 1s or less. This was working on my side.