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QEMU bare-metal application

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I am trying to run a simple bare-metal application within QEMU on the LS1043A. The example I am testing is here:

GitHub - freedomtan/aarch64-bare-metal-qemu at 2ae937a2b106b43bfca49eec49359b3e30eac1b1 

The example is supposed to print 'Hello World' on a serial output.

Here's the command I am using to launch QEMU along with the example program (test64.elf)

>> kvm -M virt -cpu host -nographic -enable-kvm -serial tcp:,server,telnet -kernel ./test64.elf

QEMU starts running and I can see the corresponding PID as well. It waits for a telnet connection on port 4444. When I open a telnet session to connect to QEMU, QEMU accepts the connection, but I don't see the output from the example program displayed in the telnet session.


1. Is the UART0 address 0x90000000 correct for the LS1043A?

2. Is this a valid example of a bare-metal application?

3. Can someone please share an example of a bare-metal application that works on the LS1043A DCM board?

Thanks in advance,

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