[LS2088A] crypto performance of ls2088a

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[LS2088A] crypto performance of ls2088a

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Hi, everyone

I'm testing crypto performance of ls2088a with DPDK.

There are total 8 crypto devices in ls2088a dpdk.

I'm wonder whether the total crypto performance of ls2088a increases according to increased crypto device numbers or total crypto performance is restricted without related to the numbers of crypto devices.

For example,  if max 10Gbps packet is processed with 1 crypto device, is it possible to 20Gbps packet can be processed with 2 crypto device? or max 10 Gbps is restricted without related to numbers of crypto device used.


p.s Is there any crypto device performance document for ls2088a?

Thanks in advance.

Jeong-Hwan Kim


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Please refer to :



LS2088A is 20Gb/s SEC processing device.

With DPDK you can achieve around ~23 Gbps based on packet size and algorithm used. 


Crypto devices in DPDK are virtual device. if you are using large packet. you can get max perf with single device itself. 


Also if you are using multi-cores, you can use multiple queues from a single device or multiple device for each core. 


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

DPDK performance is discussed in the Layerscape SDK Documentation:


Please create a Technical Case if additional performance data is needed:



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