LS102A RDB power ICs regarding

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LS102A RDB power ICs regarding

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Dear NXP Expert

We are modifying LS1028A RDB design and usig LS0127A. Could you please clarify the below points regarding the LS1028A RDB power 

1. As DDR4 power IC MC34716EP got obsolete, We are using TI TPS54116-Q1 which supports DDR 1V 2 @ 4 amps, 1-A sink/source double data rate (DDR) VTT termination regulator with VTTREF
buffered reference output. We are using same DDR4 devices as ref board i.e 5 DDR4 devices.

Is selected device ok?

2.We are using PMIC MC34VR500V9ES for 1V0@4A,1V8@2.5, 2V5 @2A and 1V35@1A as  we are using these voltages for extra device. Is above PMIC supports required currents?

3. We are also changing CPLD with MAX5 which requires 1V8 core voltage. We are giving CPLD power seperately with additional 1V8 regulator without any power sequenceing. Is this ok?

Thank you

With Regards

Krishnam Raju M



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @mkraj,

You can select the power supplies based on the supported voltage mentioned in the LS1028A datasheet. And for the current requirement, you check the AN12028 which is the LS1028A design checklist from sections 4.2 to 4.4. 
For reference, you can also check the requirement using the schematic of the LS1028ARDB design.