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i am using LS2088ardb with QorIQ SDK v2.0-1703.

What is the correct way to use DPDK with DPSW/DPDMUX objects on DPAA2 bus?

I would like to use DPSW and DPDMUX with DPDK application.

(For example L2 switch with 8 ports, 4x10SFP+, 4xDPNI with two queues, 8 GPP cores).

I would also like to configure DPAA2 bus at runtime. F.e. by ls-addni, dynamic_dpl.sh.

Now when run (example mac-sw-ni )

    # 1 ni, 1 sfp
    ls-addni -n
    # ni0 is lost, use ni1
    ls-addsw -i=2 dpni.1 dpmac.1
    ip link set ni1 down
    ip link set ni1 down
    ip link set sw0p1 down
    # manyally plug unplug, transceiver, they can be in UNKNOWN state
    ip link set sw0p1 up
    ip link set ni1 up
    ip addr add dev ni1
    # now ping works

I am able to configure DPAA2 bus as I wish. But when I try to bind DPRC to vfio-fsl-mc driver to have DPDK support

it also breaks DPSW driver.

   echo 1 > /sys/module/vfio_iommu_type1/parameters/allow_unsafe_interrupts

   echo vfio-fsl-mc >  /sys/bus/fsl-mc/devices/$DPRC/driver_override

   echo $DPRC > /sys/bus/fsl-mc/drivers/vfio-fsl-mc/bind

It breaks drivers of DPSW.

I tried to put DPSW into separate DPRC, but without sucess.

It is possible to make connection between separate DPRC with distinct drivers using restool?

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