Modify LX2160ARDB SFPs from 25G to 10G

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Modify LX2160ARDB SFPs from 25G to 10G

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Modify LX2160ARDB SFPs from 25G to 10G

On the LX2160ARDB, there are 2 25G SFP interfaces, but no 10G SFP interface. When customer want to test the 10G SFPs to evaluate the performance, they have to change the 25G SFP interfaces into 10G by reconfiguration the SW configuration.

In this document, it will give details of configuring the LX2160ARDB to support the customer’s 10G SFP interfaces requirement with LSDK2108. At the end, an image will be generated to deployed into the SD card. Because SD card is a convenient way boot up LX2160ARDB, if one wrong move could brick the system, the customer could unplug the SD card to repeat the steps below.


Hi June_Lu,


Thanks for this update, it is a feature many have been asking for!

I want to ask, now that 25G-10G switching at runtime is possible (supported by MC fw 10.37 ), how can one control which ports switch their speed? What if one wants 25G + 10G?

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