LS1043 GPIO support in Linux SDK

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LS1043 GPIO support in Linux SDK

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LS1043 GPIO support in Linux SDK

This document introduces how to configure RCW to support GPIO on LS1043 platform, how to configure Linux Kernel to load Linux GPIO driver to access GPIO from SYSFS and using loopback method to do verification on the target board.

  1. RCW configuration to support GPIO
  2. Configure GPIO driver in Linux Kernel
  3. Verify GPIO on the target board
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For all those who - like me - were searching for a list to map the individual pins to the GPIO number..

This is the answer I got from NXP Technical Support (thank you, Fedor!):

modified table (refer to the QorIQ LS1043A Reference Manual, Table 2-3. CCSR Block Base Address Map):
GPIOs 384-415, /soc/gpio@2330000: GPIO4[0-31]
GPIOs 416-447, /soc/gpio@2320000: GPIO3[0-31]
GPIOs 448-479, /soc/gpio@2310000: GPIO2[0-31]
GPIOs 480-511, /soc/gpio@2300000: GPIO1[0-31]
even if not all 32 signals are implemented for each GPIOn set, the math is identical - i.e., for GPIO4_03 it is:

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