IEEE 1588 Implementation in Industry IoT Solution

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IEEE 1588 Implementation in Industry IoT Solution

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IEEE 1588 Implementation in Industry IoT Solution

IEEE Std 1588 standard is for a precision clock synchronization protocol for networked measurement and control, define a Precision Time Protocol (PTP) designed to synchronize real-time clocks in a distributed system. This document introduces IEEE 1588 related basic concept and Precision Time Protocol, hardware assist for 1588 compliant time stamping on QorIQ  LS1021 platform, Linux Kernel PTP framework device driver implementation working with ptpd stack, IEEE 1588 test setup on LS1021ATSN platform and results.

  1. IEEE 1588 Introduction and Precision Time Protocol
  2. Hardware Assist for 1588 Compliant Time Stamping on QorIQ LS1021 Platform

     2.1 Accessing Timer Registers

     2.2. Time-Stamping on Ethernet Frame Reception for eTSEC

     2.3. Time-Stamping on Ethernet Frame Transmission for eTSEC

  1. IEEE 1588 PTP Linux Device Driver and PTPd Application

    3.1 IEEE 1588 Linux Software Structure

    3.2 IEEE 1588 Linux Device Driver

3.3 PTPd Application

  1. Setup IEEE 1588 test on LS1021ATSN Platform

   4.1 Build Images with OpenIL

   4.2 Setup IEEE 1588 test environment on LS1021ATSN

   4.3 Test result

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Thanks for the info. It seems quite useful :smileyhappy:

Would you know if IEEE 1588 is supported in all LS1021A TSN Ethernet interfaces? According to the user guide, it couldn’t be used for SJA1105 switch Ethernet interfaces, so test scenarios with this platform are restricted to 2 computers.  My question is if it is a hardware limitation or if it is a software problem that could be fixed in a future OpenIL release.

Kind regards!

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