FlexSPI Driver Design

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FlexSPI Driver Design

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FlexSPI Driver Design

FlexSPI controller is new IP from Microcontroller group and it will replace QSPI in all future SoCs.

FlexSPI is superset and superior to QSPI. Most of the feature set of FlexSPI and QSPI are same, but there are few difference related to IO signal width, command set, default LUT programming and Hyperflash support.

FlexSPI has AHB and IP bus interface. AHB 64-bit interface and is mainly use for READ and WRITE flash operation whereas IP is 32-bit interface and it supports all flash operation – READ, WRITE, STATUS CHECK, GET PARAMS etc.

FlexSPI programs various commands in LUT and these commands sequence are trigger when we do AHB/IP bus READ/WRITE operation.

This documents introduces FlexSPI controller, FlexSPI serial NOR driver implementation and FlexSPI serial NAND driver implementation.

 1. FlexSPI Controller Introdunction

1.1 FlexSPI Connections

1.2 FlexSPI Command Interfaces

1.3 FlexSPI Look Up Table(LUT)

1.4 FlexSPI Command Set (Programmable Sequence Engine)


2. FlexSPI serial NOR driver implementation

3. FlexSPI serial NAND driver implementation



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