EXTSPI driver rc 13 - No supported SPIFI device found

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EXTSPI driver rc 13 - No supported SPIFI device found

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In LPCXpresso IDE v7.7 (and later), the supplied SPIFI flash drivers will now validate that the target system has a SPIFI flash device fitted which is recognized as compatible by the flash driver.

If no such SPIFI flash device is found, then an error message similar to the below will be generated when you start a debug session:

Init status 0x0 - driver didn't initialize - EXTSPI driver rc 13 - No supported SPIFI device found

Often this will mean that your project is configured to use an incorrect flash driver (i.e one for a device of a different flash size or sector size to the device that is actually fitted to your target system). In this case you simply need to use the Memory Configuration Editor in the MCU settings for your project to select the correct flash driver. For more details, please see chapter 6 "Memory Editor and User Loadable Flash Driver mechanism" in the LPCXpresso User Guide.

In other cases it is possible that the configured flash driver is for the correct size of device, but the flash device fitted is not one that is supported. In this case, you will need to add support for your SPIFI device to the underlying lpcspifilib and rebuild the flash driver from the source project provided in the

Examples subdirectory of your LPCXpresso installation.

For more information see:

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