Configuring which LPC-Link2 firmware image to soft-load

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Configuring which LPC-Link2 firmware image to soft-load

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LPCXpresso IDE will normally try to soft-load a firmware image when debugging via an LPC-Link2 debug probe (including those built in to LPCXpresso V2 / V3 boards).

From LPCXpresso IDE v7.8.0, the default is to soft-load a CMSIS-DAP firmware image.

Probe firmware options:


The default firmware to be soft-loaded is CMSIS-DAP. As well as providing debug probe functionality, the default CMSIS-DAP image also includes bridge channels to provide:

  • Support for SWO Trace capture from the LPCXpresso IDE
  • Support for Power Measurement from the LPCXpresso IDE
  • Support for a UART VCOM port connected to the target processor (LPCXpresso V2/V3 boards only),
  • Support for a LPCSIO bridge that provides communication to I2C and SPI slave devices (LPCXpresso V3 boards only)

In addition a "Non Bridged" variant of CMSIS-DAP is also provided. This version of firmware provides debug features only – removing the bridged channels such as trace, power measurement and VCOM. By removing the requirement for these channels, USB bandwidth is reduced, therefore this firmware may be preferable if multiple debug probes are to be used concurrently.

A particular workspace can be switched to soft-load Non Bridged firmware via Preferences - LPCXpresso - Redlink/LinkServer Options.

Note: If a mix of bridged and unbridged debug probes is required, then it is recommended that these probes are pre-programmed with the required debug firmware. This can easily be done via LPCScrypt.


Redlink was the preferred LPC-Link2 firmware image in LPCXpresso IDE v7.7.2 and earlier. From LPCXpresso IDE v 8.1.0, Redlink firmware is no longer supported.

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