Activating LPCXpresso Free Edition

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Activating LPCXpresso Free Edition

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When LPCXpresso IDE is first installed it will initially run with an unregistered license. Although most of the features of the product may be used, the maximum size of application that you can build and debug is restricted to 8KB.

This FAQ explains the process of obtaining an LPCXpresso Free Edition Activation code. This provides a license to use the complete development environment with a 256KB debug download size limit.

An LPCXpresso IDE Free Edition activation code may be obtained, free of charge, by registering the LPCXpresso IDE.

Note: Once you have registered LPCXpresso IDE and installed the activation code, any new LPCXpresso IDE installation (on the host PC) will automatically inherit this activation.

Activating LPCXpresso IDE Free Edition

Before you can activate LPCXpresso IDE you will first need to have created an account on the NXP Community  and be logged in.

To activate your installation with a Free Edition license... from within LPCXpresso IDE:

1 - Go to the LPCXpresso IDE menu entry Help->Activate->Create Serial number and register (Free Edition)...
- Your product’s serial number will be displayed.

2 - Press OK and a web browser will be opened on the Activations page.
- The products serial number will automatically be entered for you.

If you are not logged in, you will need to login. Navigate to, and enter the product’s serial number.

3 - Press the button to Register LPCXpresso IDE.
- Your LPCXpresso IDE activation code will be generated and displayed.
- An email will also be sent to you containing your Product Serial Number and Activation Code.

4 - Copy the displayed activation code to the clip board.

5 - Go to the LPCXpresso menu entry Help->Activate->Activate (Free Edition)...

6 - Paste your activation code and Press OK.

Your Product will now be activated!

If you see the error message "No license to activate", then this probably means that your serial number failed to be stored at step 1 of the above process. Typically this is because you failed to press OK in the "Create Serial number and register (Free Edition)" dialog. Please try creating your serial number again, ensuring that you click OK, then try activating again.

The license type will be displayed and you will be able to use all the features of LPCXpresso IDE, with a debug download limit of 256KB.

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