LPC55S69 ADC to DMA using a HW Trigger

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LPC55S69 ADC to DMA using a HW Trigger

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I am using the LPC55s69 Dev kit

I need to configure the ADC to be triggered from an SCT. and then the DMA to copy the data to RAM.

I am using the SDK 2.6.3. if there is a sample code it would be really appreciated.

I was able to use the sample code from Nxp and can trigger the adc by a software trigger, and request the dma to do the copy to ram

functions used to do the conversion and copy data:

DMA_StartTransfer( &g_DmaHandleStruct ); /* Enable the DMA every time for each transfer. */
LPADC_DoSoftwareTrigger( LPADC_BASE, 1U ); /* Trigger the ADC and start the conversion. */

whats needed:

use an SCT as a HW trigger and have the dma automatically copying data into a Ram buffer.


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Did anyone found solution and configuration to above problem for Hw trigger ADC?

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