LPC546xx two serial flash regions?

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LPC546xx two serial flash regions?

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Hi NXP community

While reading User Manual UM10912 Revision 2.1 9. November 2017 I found on page 597 in the paragraph just above tabe 621 the following sentence "Serial flash devices respond to commands sent by software or automatically sent by the SPIFI when software reads either of the two read-only serial flash regions in the memory map". Below this is table 621 which only shows one region. I would like to know where the other region is located. Or can it be that LPC546xx only supports one serial flash region?


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Dani,

This seems to be an error in the UM as LPC5460x has only one SPIFI region, as you can see in the snippet below LPC18xx and LPC43xx do have two SPIFI regions.


I will let you know if I receive any update regarding this issue.

Best regards,


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