LPC54628 mbed setup

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LPC54628 mbed setup

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I am new to the mbed platform for arm boards. Somebody help me to understand mbed platform and how to setup it for LPC54628 boards. Previously, I have worked with LPC54628 boards with MCUXpresso IDE. Now, we have  requirements in mbed platform. 

I saw a documentation regarding this, NXP LPCXpresso54628 | Mbed . But as mentioned in this page my LPC54628 board is not detecting in ubuntu 18.04 machine ( Please note I was using my hardware for previous MCUXPresso projects). So, Should  I burn any new firmware for the LPC54628 mbed support.  How to run by application ( .elf file ) generated using mbed cli .

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

HI Sreenath P V 

the out-of-factory LPCXpesso54628  demo board has CMSIS-DAP debug firmware, if it is corrupt during using, we can only use LPCScrypt to update it to CMSIS-DAP or Segger Jlink interface, which can support Linux system.

Please download LPCScrypt here:

LPCScrypt v2.1.0 | NXP 

with NXP MCUXpresso IDE, the project can generate a elf file after a successful build. click on debug button, the elf file can be downloaded to Flash during launch.

Have a nice day,


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