LWIP reference manual

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LWIP reference manual

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I 'm trying to learn new KSDK 2.0. I want to start new project with FreeRTOS and LWIP based on TCP Client. I can't find any documetation about LWIP. I'm using netconn API, but eg. I donť know if netconn_connect is blocking function or no and if this function has some parameters eg. timeout.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Lukas,

thank you for your interest.

lwIP is licenced under a BSD license, please visit lwIP - A Lightweight TCP/IP stack - Summary [Savannah]

Very useful for you could be documentation under Getting Started at lwIP Wiki - Wikia

lwIP Application Developers Manual, LwIP Application Developers Manual - lwIP Wiki - Wikia

and there is also information about Netconn API with functions netconn_new(), netconn_connect(), netconn_send() ... Netconn API - lwIP Wiki - Wikia


err_t netconn_connect ( struct netconn * aNetConn, ip_addr_t * aAddr, u16_t aPport ); 
  • in aNetConn : netconn structure received by netconn_new or netconn_accept.
  • in aAddr : the IP address of the remote server to connect to
  • in aPort : the port of the remote server to connect to

Attempt to establish a connection between the local client and a remote server.

I hope this helps you.

In case of any issue, please let me know.

Best Regards,


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