KSDK SDHC Driver assert(req) Issue

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KSDK SDHC Driver assert(req) Issue

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Hello all,


I have been doing some long term testing with SD card writes and have very rarely (every few days) had an issue within the SDHC_DRV_DataIrq function.

I am currently using the following:

  • K64-FRDM board
  • KDS 3.0.0 with processor expert enabled
  • KSDK 1.3
  • FatFS 0.09b
  • FreeRTOS 8.2

After writing data for some time correctly (only a few MB were written in my last test before the issue), I get the assert that the request pointer is NULL in SDHC_DRV_DataIrq of fsl_sdhc_driver.c. This has only happened a few times so I do not have that many details about the issue. Are there any known problems that can result in this error? Can anyone provide information about what may be causing this issue or guide me in some other tests to perform?





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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Jared Evans,

do you mean you got the assert as below?


if you have a NULL req, that might mean you didn't define a right SDHC request, please refer to the KSDK API RM, 61.12.3 SDHC Issuing a request to the card, for details.

BTW, The coming KSDK 2.0 has updated fatfs and freertos as well, and it also provides a bare metal sdcard_fatfs demo for FRDM-K64F board, so maybe you can use this demo as a starting point for your application when ksdk 2.0 is available.

Have a great day,

NXP Technical Support
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