Help with FRDM-KE06Z CAN bus communication using Process Expert

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Help with FRDM-KE06Z CAN bus communication using Process Expert

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Hello All,

I hope somebody can help me find a solution for this problem.

I built up a CAN bus made of 6 nodes using PIC's micro controllers (Microchip ones), they're repeatedly talking to each node, everything seems to be working fine and now I intend to add an extra Node to monitor messages to see whats going on in the bus, I tried to connect the board FRDM-KE06Z since it has a built-in CAN controller (MSCAN) as well as a CAN transceiver, i set up the CAN component as shown below.

Interrupt service : Disabled

• Global Acceptance Mask : yes

• Acceptance mask for buffer 0..n : 1FFFFFFF

• Message buffers : 1, Buffer0 - Buffer type: Receive

• Accept frames : Standard

• Message ID : 7FF

• Bit rate : 100kbit/s

• Loop mode : no

• Enabled in init. code : yes

• Methods to enable : ReadFrame,SetRxBufferID

• Events to enable : OnFullRxBuffer

I generated my code by means of Process Expert, this part of the code waits for a frame to be received in one the buffers but it never gets out of that loop, meaning that a message is never received in spite of properly having configured the CAN component, my CAN bus is running at 100 kbs so is the CAN configuration of the FRDM-KE06Z

 while (!DataFrameRxFlg) {                                       /* Wait until data frame is received */    CAN2_Main(MyCANPtr);   

Frame.Data = InpData;  


I have already tried to solve it using two different IDE's (MCUxpresso and Code Warrior) and the same issue occurred, the flag DataFrameRxFlg never changes from FALSE to TRUE, I also tried to set the module to listen only mode but did not work either.

Thank you.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Antonio,


Could you please try using the examples provided in the Driver Library Package. There are some MSCAN projects that may be useful for you. These examples are implemented for IAR, CW and Keil.


In addition, there is an MCUXpresso SDK available for FRDM-KE06Z. You can download the latest version from the link below:

Welcome | MCUXpresso SDK Builder 


I hope this is helpful.

Have a great day,

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