Feedback on Kineis MCUs (MKE14F256)

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Feedback on Kineis MCUs (MKE14F256)

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Dear Kinetis Team,

I have been using now the Kinetis MCU MKE14F256 for a digital power supply and want to give some constructive feedback.


- Flash is enough (maybe too much) / SRAM is fine (but is defenetly not too much)

-Internal FIRC is the best off all. No more crystal. Love it!

-FreeRtos Implementation is great and makes it really easy too use. Love it!

-120MHz in normal runmode is enough for every desire. (Of cause more is always better)

-New ADC Module on MKE14F256 has improved accuracy and reduced noice. Good thing.

-3 ADCs and 3 Comparators take really pain away.

-TRIGMUX is great for flexibility

-DMA is great for system performance

-Kinetis Design Studio is really nice (and works great under my linux environment)

-Segger Debugger works flawlessly and highly reliable

-EEPROM emulation saves cost.


-UARTs have no error interrupt

-TRIGMUX has only used few channels

-LPSPI module is unconvient to use (is likely to produce errors and is hard to get it working

-SRAM is split (one fast bank only would be more convient)

-RTC needs crystal. Why can't i divide SIRC?

-Power Consumption is too high


-Flextimer for 32Bits

-Better documentation for Bare Metal implementation (I code everything bare metal)

-More easy entering into low power mode


The MKE14F256 is a reallly nice product and fits nicely into the performance range. The development was mostly fun, however the LPSPI still tends to freak me out sometimes. The power consumption is slightly too high for my personal taste, however regarding the computational speed, it's in the manageable range.

Recommendation for future product (I would wish a product like this:)

-Cortex M4 200MHz @ 10mA current consumption

-Maybe (40nm like Cypress PSOC-6 could do the job?)

-256kB Flash 64kB SRAM with EEC

-4 ADCs with 12Bits 4 Comparators

-EEPROM Emulation

-QFN Package (64 Pins) for reduced size

-Integreated LDO

-Integreated precision reference (0.1%)

-Cost: 1.5$

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi, Michael,

Thank you for your great suggestion, your feedback is helpful for the new product design.


Xiangjun rong

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