FRDM-KEXX Driver Library Package

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FRDM-KEXX Driver Library Package

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FRDM-KEXX Driver Library Package

This is an update to the KE0x Driver Library package with the example projects ported to Kinetis Design Studio (KDS).  These examples support the following boards:

  • FRDM-KE02
  • FRDM-KE04
  • FRDM-KE06

The examples were tested with KDS v3.0.0

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Hi , what are pros and cons using this driver library in compare with PEX component?

Hi Lukas

This link  a good comparison for Processor Expert and the Pros and Cons of using it.

Overview: Processor Expert | MCU on Eclipse


Thanks for sharing this, but I have a problem. It appears that the file "make_new_project_kexx.exe" (used to create a project) is missing for the KDS projects. Can you please post it?

Hi Juan

Sorry, but there is not a comparable make_new_project executable for KDS projects. But you can copy one of the existing example projects, and then modify as needed.


Hello all,

I've noted an issue on KExx libraries on KSDK 2.x. Don't know if issue persisted on kexx_drv_lib.

On "system_MKE02Z2.h" the clock configs come with the Internal clock definition as 32,768Hz

#define CPU_XTAL_CLK_HZ 12000000u /* Value of the external crystal or oscillator clock frequency in Hz */
#define CPU_INT_CLK_HZ 32768u /* Value of the internal oscillator clock frequency in Hz */
#define DEFAULT_SYSTEM_CLOCK 40000000u /* Default System clock value */

Althougth, default trimmed internal clock frequency is 31,250Hz.

In addition, on the SystemCoreClockUpdate(void) the FLL multiplier is set as 1280, but reference manual shows this multiplier as 1024 (running some tests with SysTick the 1024 value is the right one).

void SystemCoreClockUpdate (void) {


   } else {
      ICSOUTClock = CPU_INT_CLK_HZ; /* The internal reference clock is selected */
   ICSOUTClock *= 1280u; /* Apply 1280 FLL multiplier */
} else if ((ICS->C1 & ICS_C1_CLKS_MASK) == 0x40u) {

Hi Otavio,

This library is for the Kinetis KE0x devices, which are not supported by the Kinetis Software Development Kit (KSDK).  And this library is not based on the KSDK, so your feedback above does not apply to this library.  The latest Kinetis KE1x devices are supported by the KSDK.  You can add this feedback to the Community space for the KSDK below to have it addressed by the KSDK support team. 

Thank you

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