CAN 2.0 vs SAE J1939

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CAN 2.0 vs SAE J1939

Contributor II

I am using S12 to implement the CAN communication protocol. We would mainly use CAN 2.0.

In the datasheet, It mentions that S12 can support CAN 2.0. May I know can S12 support SAE J1939? As I know CAN 2.0 and SAE J1939 has the similar extended header frame. Are they compatible?

Thank you.

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Senior Contributor III

The short answer is 'yes', these CAN 2.0 peripherals are EXACTLY what you need for J1939.  The way J1939 uses the full-size CAN 2.0 ID just means you have to run the receiver in 'promiscuous mode' and do all traffic filtering in firmware.

The longer answer is 'go to Simma Software' for a full high-performance J1939 stack, already guaranteed to run on that uP.