USB transmision monitoring #freemasterdash

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USB transmision monitoring #freemasterdash

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I am a new user of the NXP microcontrollers (LPC55 series). And I'm just taking my first steps with MCUExpesso and maybe FreeMASTER.

Because I use a USB interface, among others HID Class, Vendor Class and Audio Class. I thought about creating a USB transmission monitor with the option of viewing the transmission for a given class or endpoint.
 I'm using the monitor from the PC side  but sometimes something goes wrong from the microcontroller side.

And such a monitor would be useful.

I'm just getting to know FreeMASTER so I don't know if this idea is possible to implement.

Best regards,
Jaroslaw Czula

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Dear Jaroslaw,

I think FreeMASTER could help to display performance data about the USB transmission (data throughput, error counts etc) if you would be collecting them in your application. FreeMASTER may communicate directly over USB CDC class, but in your case I think it would be better to use a different interface (e.g. debugging serial line or direct JTAG access) not to influence the USB communication. 

FreeMASTER would be less useful if you plan to use it as a real transmission monitor to capture each USB frame. The reason is that FreeMASTER is more oriented to acquire "numeric" data rather than "structured" data like whole data frames. You could potentially use the "pipes" feature to "stream-out" data in your defined format and you would be processing them by the JavaScript "dashboard" code.  Just be aware that a true monitor generally needs to be able to capture and send data faster than the monitored interface. In this case, the USB transmission is much faster than the debugging serial line or event JTAG access. There is a risk that you will be loosing frames.

Please try to explain your plan in more details - what USB communication parameters would you like to monitor etc. and we can discuss further.



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