FreeMASTER 3.0.3 Update - Release Announcement

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FreeMASTER 3.0.3 Update - Release Announcement

FreeMASTER 3.0.3 Update - Release Announcement

Updated version 3.0.3 of the NXP FreeMASTER tool has just been published online. 

The installer is available along with documentation and other resources at

Version 3.0.3 brings bugfixes and minor updates. The most significant enhancement has been made in the ELF/DWARF file parser which now fully supports the C++ namespaces and nested classes with fully-qualified names of global and C++ static symbols.

Complete list of changes:

  • Recorder automatic data loading has been made configurable (similarly as in versions 2.x).
  • Critical fix of XML (.pmpx) file serialization. The file could get corrupted when saving large projects with internal object identifiers larger than 10000. Also the XML serialization was fixed to maintain internal object IDs between load and save - so the fresh-open project will generate a binary-same file when saving without change.
  • Fixed broken link to PDF User Guide in the welcome page.
  • Fixed file download feature in the Chromium HTML view (save-as dialog always displayed).
  • Fixed GCC ELF/Dwarf4 parsing of global variables which are members of a C++ namespace.
  • Fixed Recorder triggering using float variable when using old protocol with driver 2.0.
  • Fixed startup crash while loading recent window layout. Need to restart app for 2nd time if this occurs.
  • Fixed default color assignment in dynamically-created oscilloscope and recorder items.
  • Fixed COM port name and description parsing from Windows registry.
  • Fixed JSON-RPC DefineVariable call to accept one JSON definition argument.
  • Fixed wrong initial sizing of the CEF view withing the parent container.
  • Fixed PD-BDM plug-in operation on big-endian systems (see more in bdmpgi Release Notes).

Thank you for using the NXP products and FreeMASTER tool.

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