The Capture feature of eFlexPWM module

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The Capture feature of eFlexPWM module

The Capture feature of eFlexPWM module

The eFlexPWM module is an important module, integrated in DSC, Kinetis KV, i.mxrt, MPC56xx families, it can output PWM signals. But it has capture function, can accept synchronous captured signal(synchronous  with it's output PWM signal) and accept asynchronous captured signal, can generate interrupt once the captured signal arrives, can figure out the duty cycle and cycle time of the captured signal.

The DOC introduces the capture feature, capture mechanism, it also describes how to configure the PWM pin as capture pin, how to generate capture interrupt, how to figure out duty cycle and cycle time. in the end, it gives the code snippet.


Hello xiangjun.rong very good write-up, we need more such write-up for critical peripheral of our device. As this will be very helpful for the beginners of digital SMPS and motor control designer.  

Hi, Kamil,

Thank you very much.


Xiangjun Rong

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