Porting Legacy DSC Applications to Freescale’s 32-bit DSC Family

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Porting Legacy DSC Applications to Freescale’s 32-bit DSC Family

NXP Employee
NXP Employee


Run DSP Test Sample Projects on an MC56F84789!


Previously the huge collection of Processor Expert Example programs for the DSP5685x devices was not easy to run on recent devices such as the MC56F84789.

That is all changed with the publication of Application Note AN4837, available from www.freescale.com.

Also, the note is published with projects for both CodeWarrior for DSC version 8.3, and CodeWarrior for MCU 10.5.




The DSP test programs (FIR, IIR, auto-correlation), included


with Freescale’s CodeWarrior 8.3 for DSC, run as delivered


in Processor Expert sample projects supplied for the


DSP56858. This application note will step the user through


conversion of these projects to an Eclipse-based


CodeWarrior 10.5 application for the MC56F84789 featured


on the TWR-56F8400. This enables the rich collection of


software available for the DSP5685x to be used on the latest


DSCs from Freescale, as well as the porting of customer


projects to such devices. The algorithms presented in this


document are not dependent on peripheral differences


between various DSC devices. This technique is generally


applicable to all such use cases. This note’s intended


audience consists of those with interest in the DSC,


regardless of Integrated Development Environment (IDE)



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