Interrupt time delay (spi-dma; kl26)

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Interrupt time delay (spi-dma; kl26)

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Dear All,


I have a KL26 whose core clock is set-up at 48MHz. I have set-up a SPI-DMA transfer similar to the example of KSDK 1.3.0. The data transfer is started by an external signal on a GPIO (PTC9) signal edge (interrupt). It works! I have measured on an oscilloscope a delay of approx. 10 microseconds between the edge of the GPIO signal and the start of the SPI transfer …


The interrupt function is very simple (for test purpose) …

void getdata_PORTC_IRQHandler(void)


DMA_DCR1|=0x40000000u; //start DMA1 transfer

DMA_DCR0|=0x40000000u; //start DMA0 transfer





In the main program loop, I use polling to set-up the spi BCR bits again and clear the done bit after each transfer.


My question is: can it be faster? If yes, how can I make the delay between signal edge and the start of SPI-DMA transfer shorter? How short?


I read somewhere about 10-12 clock cycles (for interrupt alone) … that would be approx. 0.2 microsecond right. So where do the 10 microseconds come from?


Thank you for you inputs.


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


I suspect that the interrupt delay is greater than 0.2uS, you can toggle a GPIO pin in the void getdata_PORTC_IRQHandler(void) function to test the interrupt delay.


Xiangjun Rong

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