Zephyr™ OS Overview

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Zephyr™ OS Overview

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Zephyr™ OS Overview

This session will introduce the Zephyr Project, a Linux Foundation initiative quickly gaining momentum in the open source development community. The Zephyr OS is a small, yet scalable RTOS targeting connected devices across multiple hardware architectures. NXP is actively contributing to the project to support products in the Kinetis, LPC, and i.MX RT families.


Has Zephyr been ported to i.MX8QXP, i.MX8DX or i.MX8DXP yet?

Is there any known impediment to doing so?

Is there an NXP point of contact for Zephyr / tinycrypt projects?

Steve Weymann Steve@keypair.us 

maureen‌ presented the class in Silicon Valley and can help answer your questions. Thanks.

Hi Steve,

Zephyr has not yet been ported to any i.MX8 parts, but as long as there is an MCUXpresso SDK available then it should be straightforward. That assumes you're asking about the M4 core subsystem. Zephyr does not currently support any Cortex-A cores.


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