an2295 serial boot loader on MCF52259

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an2295 serial boot loader on MCF52259

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Good day, I download app note sw and has folder for MCF52259, but unable to get working. Board is same as MCF52259 demo. Want to use uart0. I have the codewarrior 10.2 and the classic 7.2. Both versions the import is not clean, There are missing MCF52259_Internal_flash.cfg and MCF52259_Internal_flash.mem

I dont know if that the problem. It seems to compile ok.  I've tried generating new target and launch configurations in 10.2 but getting lost.


I know the board works fine because I have an MQX project that runs on it. I want to be able to load up the MQX proj via serial fiber link since bdm port not easily accessible.



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