Programming tool for LS1012A processor

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Programming tool for LS1012A processor

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We are looking for flash programming tool for LS1012A processor. After going through no. of documents on NXP website we learnt that Codewarrior basic suite needs to be purchased even if only flash programming tool is required. Along with that we also have to purchase codewarrior TAP.
    1. Is our understanding correct that we have to purchase codewarrior basic suite even if only flash programming tool 

        is to be used and we do not have any other free option available?
    2. Does codewarrior basic suite has support for LS1012A processor?
    3. Does codewarrior basic suite has support for QCVS for LS1012A processor?
    4. Does flash programming tool in codewarrior basic suite has support for LS1012A processor?
    5. Does flash programming tool in codewarrior basic suite has any limitation on binary file size to be downloaded on

        target system?
    6. PLease provide the path to download the codewarrior basic suite.

    7. We are using  CodeWarrior for APP Version: 10.2.3, Build Id:170322. We are trying to create flash programming task but we can't see Task Type "Flash Programmer for ARM" option. Please suggest the solution.

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Minal Nemade

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There is also a possibility for custom board bring up. You could program the flash directly in you new board. Before soldering it in the board (there are services from distributors like Arrow to do it for you), or through SPI by a special jumper that keeps the main processor in reset and gives power supply to the QSPI flash memory.

Once you have RCW and uboot in the board, you could program it easily.

And you have to copy the layout of the developer kit and use the same ram chip, because you are not allowed to perform ddr validation, unless you pay the abusive $5000 price of the validation tool and ~$500 for the Codewarrior TAP + cable adapter. And $3000 is the price for Codewarrior without validation tool.

NXP guys: I think this is not the way to get money. You should get money by selling chips, not by expensive developer tools.

Texas Instruments, for example, is now giving away its CCS development tool.

NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Minal Nemade,

For LS1012A custom board bringing up, you need to use CodeWarrior for ARMv8 and purchase a specific license for Networked Applications.

Please refer to the license information CodeWarrior Dev Tools for Networked Apps|NXP, please click "Buy" to choose an appropriate level license according to your requirement.

If you only want to use CodeWarrior to do flash programing, you could purchase Developer Level Suite license. If you also need to use DDR validation tool to do DDR controller configuration optimization during target board bringing up, you need to purchase the Specialist Level Suite license. QCVS tool doesn't need a specific license, DDRv which requires the Specialist Level Suite license needs to be installed on the top of QCVS.

You need to install CodeWarrior for QorIQ LS ARMv8, please login "", please click MY ACCOUNT->Software License and Suppot->CodeWarrior Networked Suite - Developer Level/Specialist Level, please click CodeWarrior for QorIQ LS Series ARMv8 to download the latest CodeWarrior Networked Applications v2018.01.

Please refer to Use CodeWarrior for ARMv8 to Debug U-boot and Linux Kernel and Bring up Bare Boards for how to do flash programming in CodeWarrior IDE.

Please refer to  for flash programming on LS1012 bare board.

Have a great day,

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