Newbie needs help CW and 68HC12

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Newbie needs help CW and 68HC12

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Hey guys.  I'm pretty new to programming MCUs and have hopefully an easy question for seasoned vetrans.  I think I'm missing something in my thought process.  I'm using and Axiom CML-9S12DP256 and CodeWarrior CW12 V2.0 "Special edition" for Motorola 68HC12. 
Okay here's the situation.  I've downloaded a stationary for this board from somewhere (?? maybe it came w/ it) and I am able to open the stationary and write my C code.  I have no problems compiling it or using the CW built in simulator with my code.  I would like to know how to get the assembled code onto my Axiom board.  I've tried everything that I can think of with no avail.  How do I go about doing this??  I don't have a serial port on my laptop, but I do have a USB to Serial cable that works fine w/ AxIDE and WinIDE32 hooked up to com4.  I've been able to transfer straight assebly code to the processor, but I'm missing something somewhere.
Please point me in the right direction.  My senior project depends on it.  Thanks
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Thanks Peg, I noticed that the version of CW I was using didn't have that so I downloaded the most recent version (V4.5).  I've set up everything the way "I" think it should be, but now I get an error message evertime I try to hook it up to the board.  The message states
Communication cannot be established [yadda yadda]  Try these
 Board is not powered (it is)
  Serial Cable is not connected (it is)
  The communication paramaters (baud) is not set up properly (possible, but I don't see any place to change the baud by jumpers or by program)
  The target application:
  May have been started after restart (no_auto is enabled)
  Is running w/ interrupts disabled (I don't think this is it)
  run out of control (stack overflow)
  changed the connection
Now I need to know what to look for from here.  I can still connect my board via AxIDE (and you were correct winide doesn't allow you to) and I get the "press a button" message when I hit reset via AxIDE, but I can't connect w/ CW... Any more advice??
Thanks again

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Hi Kyle,
I presume because you are talking about serial ports that you don't posess a USB BDM adapter like a P&E Microcomputer Systems one.
The AxIDE uses the serial port and a Serial Monitor programme already loaded into the microcontroller. Although I didn't think you could do this from P&E's WinIDE32?
Anyway, if you only have a serial cable from your USB to serial adapter connected to your Axiom board and you want to programme it from code warrior you have to select as your connection the "HC12 Serial Monitor". Presumably the project you now have loaded has the "Full Chip Simulator" as the connection.
Hope this helps
BR Peg