S08AW60 - Basic bemory write question

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S08AW60 - Basic bemory write question

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This is my first post, and it's intimidating to speak out amongst so many veterans. I am designing a data handler for a college project, using the MC9S08AW60 microcontroller. I've read some of the important sections in its massive data sheet, and right now I'm trying write data to memory off my IIC bus. This is my first time programming actual hardware, so I don't know how to write to memory, aside from a few select registers for IIC.

I've done several searches on the website trying to figure this out, but everything is over my head. Is there a very low level tutorial on the basics of codewarrior programming out there, or are these boards made for just this type of question?

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Hello and welcome.
You might find some suitable tutorial information at the following location -
I am assuming that you will want to use C programming, and not assembler.  You could also do a Google search on "C programming" or "C tutorial" for basic introductory programming information.
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