My PCBA supplier is asking me if a certain date code is aceptable.

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My PCBA supplier is asking me if a certain date code is aceptable.

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The part is MC9s08SH8CFK. 

This is their text.

"Would you check the following question(s)?
The supplier told us the part MC9S08SH8CFK date code is 2014+, can you check if it is ok for you? Or do you have a replacement?"

How should I answer? What information do I need if any for them?



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

I'm not sure who is your PCBA supplier, also not sure if they are responsible in manufacturing your boards by installing the MC9s08SH8CFK for you. I may thing that they are asking to you if you are ok by installing the part MC9s08SH8CFK with the date code 2014 (year 2014), which means that those MCUs were manufactured by NXP in 2014. Probably because this date code does not match your standards? or it is possible that the part is an old version or different to the ones that they usually use to manufacture your boards. I think that it is necessary to contact you PCBA supplier and ask for further information, a comparing image or why they think that the MC9s08SH8CFK with date code 2014 might be a problem?



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