IGC Trim does match Flashed Trim on reset

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IGC Trim does match Flashed Trim on reset

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I am using the MC9S08GT16, CW 6.3, P+E USB multilink


In Debug I can see the IGC trim value in 0x004E matches the FLASH value in 0xFFBE

Resetting the part through the debugger also places the value from Flash into the IGC trim reg (or at least they are the same)


The problem is when the debugger is not attached and I do a power cycle. Fortunately on this particular chip the trim is almost 0 (actually 0x88) so I can communicate via serial port. When I look at register 0x004E it has the default value (0x80) even though the flash has the value 0x88.


Does the part actually use location 0xFFBE on reset? Spec sheet says it does.



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Hello and welcome to the fora, zigbert.


The part DOES NOT use location 0xFFBE on reset!

It is up to your code to copy it across manually.

Perhaps you could indicate to us where the manual says that it does so...


P.S. this question has been nswered many times on the forum. Some searching before posting is correct usage.


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