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MPC5604EKIT Getting started

Question asked by Julian Renz on Nov 23, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2015 by Julian Renz

Hi everyone!


I recently bought the MPC5604EKIT to start development of an ethernet based video project for which I selected the MPC5604E as MCU. I already saw two related questions regarding this board:


Programm MPC5604EKIT


MPC5604EKit EvaluationBoard Software


Since these questions were not answered in great detail or not at all, I decided to post a question of my own. Maybe others, who suffer from similar problems find help in this post as well.

The board was set up as described in the quickstart guide on the product-page and after several difficulties runs the demo under Linux (VLC under Windows was not able to open the stream). The quality at the moment is of debatable quality with significant stutter(~fps) and lag (100ms) but that might be due to configuration issues of VLC, so i dont't want to blame anyone here.


The thing is: even though the demo is working at the moment, I'd like to begin an add my own code to the dev-kit. I therefore bought a P&E Microlink Universal and downloaded the Evaluation version of Codewarrior for Qorriva and Codewarrior Classic fpr MPC5xxx. I assume, that the source-files from the Post Programm MPC5604EKIT  are the correct ones to begin development.


Unfortunately, I'm not able to import the provided .mcp file into Codewarrior (Eclipse). While importing the Wizard states: "This toolchain is not supported for this target". I'm intrigued by this error since I downloaded the version of CodeWarrior which is supposed to support the MPC5604E. (When I create a project from scratch, I'm able to select my target MCu and Debugger correctly)


While trying the same project file with the classic IDE, it opens the project without error but states to not being able to find several header-files, which are not present in the downloaded package for example os.h. This has great similarity to the Error which posted in his thread MPC5604EKit EvaluationBoard Software but didn't receive an answer...


Is there anybody with experience with this developmentkit and the demo SW? I'd be very glad to receive any help whatsoever.


Best regards and many thanks in advance