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Live Streaming on sabre SD board from remote Camera

Question asked by Vinay Kumar N on Aug 17, 2014
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I have been trying to build a pipeline using appsrc and sdlvideosink. This appsrc receives data over ethernet from another camera device. The size of one frame from camera is 614400 bytes. This pipeline works fine on my linux system(ubuntu -12.04), but when I run it on imx freescale sabre SD board(ubuntu-11.10), the gstreamer application crashes. The reason for the crash is that appsrc signals for "enough-data" and hence stop feed function gets called. It means gstreamer buffer is not getting cleared at proper time.

And so it is not pushing 614400 bytes of data to the sink.


I am not able to understand how this works on pc and not on freescale sabre SD board. Please suggest solutions on the same.