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MSCAN12 Usage without BDM-Debugging enabled.

Discussion created by andrea olivieri on Jan 22, 2007
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Hi guys!
Several weeks ago I've post a query about MSCAN12 Configuration. All these matter are fixed but unfortunately a I've gotta new one.
I tryed to flash my uC by using Metrowerks CW debugger editor, and the loaded application works good.
I stopped this one and I removed BDM connector in by uC board
As soon i pushed Reset Button into demo board:...Chil-Out!
No signals coming out from Transmitting MSCAN12 Controller.
  • Demo board it's a startes kit (ZK-S12-B By SofTec Microsystems).
  • All template of the application It's done and filled by Processor Expert Except (Except for MSCAN12 controller Sw. Which template It's been done by Processor Expert but it's been filled by me).
  • Of course I've connected a receiving node (I'm shure I've done it correctly).
  • I've just read Processor Expert Manual. It say that for advanced beans it doesn't work cause my licencing. but it does not said nothing about an applications where basic beans sre developed by PE Tool and advanced beans SW it's done by user.

Have U got a solution for me? please!...

Thanks in advance.

Andrea Olivieri. (In Italy I'ts a male name)