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Add a new characteristic to  weather service in the weather station project

Question asked by CITE LEBISEY on Jul 24, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2020 by Sebastián Del Río


I am using the BLE of rapid iot kit to send 6 data to my android application, however i could not find any document that can help me to create my own service, therefore, i used the weather station project which has a wheather service that send 2 data( temperature and humidity) via BLE, so i have tried to understand how it works but the problem is that the main MCU send serial commands to the MKW41Z MCU and there is no document that gives you an information about this serial communication. 

Besides here, i tried to add the pressure characteristic to send my third data but i found an issue that every special characteristic has a special value format and a special adress (identifier)(like temperature it has a particular format value  and 0x2A1C as identifier).


So my question is:

is there any document that can help me to create my own service and my own characteristic????

if not please give me a document that contains all of acceptable characteristic because i sought every where and i did not find anything helpful.