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QSPI Flash not detected on 2nd FlexSPI pinmux (i.MX RT 1021)

Question asked by Benjamin Balga on Oct 29, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2019 by Kerry Zhou



I'm trying to get working a custom board with a MIMXRT1021DAG5A which has a QSPI Flash (IS25LP128F-JBLE) on the 2nd pinmux option (BOOT_CFG[3:1] = 111), but I can't get the flash to be detected.


With boot config set to FlexSPI NOR on the secondary pinmux and internal boot, I tried the flexspi_nor_polling_transfert example (changing the pinmux to the 2nd flexspi option, using MCUxpresso config tools), running in RAM, but it gets stuck in flexspi_nor_enable_quad_mode (in a wait idle loop). I tried to change other config values, for which it doesn't get stuck, but the reads are wrong.

I also tried lowering the clock with no effects. Even at a low FlexSPI clock speed (36MHz) I can see that the CS line is pulsed low for less than 250ns, which doesn't seems right?

I also tested the example with the EVK and it's working with it (with the original pinmux).


I also tried MCU Boot Utility v2.0.0 (via USB), working on the EVK, but with my board it can't find the flash. Strangely, there is no activity on the 2nd flexspi pinmux option, but there is some on the default pinmux, which suggests that it doesn't use the right pins?


I'm a bit stuck right now, so any help would be welcomed.

First time using the i.MX RT but I didn't expect it would be so hard to get it working! I specifically used the same flash "model" of the EVK (just with more memory) to not have to deal with custom flash config and such.


I joined some schematics and the flexspi_nor_polling_transfert code I used.

All power lines are good, everything runs off 3V3, flash is powered, etc. The default FlexSPI pinmux is used for ethernet.