Errors in using Templated Components and importing Component Setting

Document created by Xuguang Lu Employee on Apr 15, 2013
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Since I want to use some settings of the provious project, I find there are two ways which both don't work. I select the "The LCD"  example project which locals in"\\\Freescale\CW MCU v10.3\MCU\CodeWarrior_Examples\Processor_Expert\Kinetis\TWR-K40X256\LCD".

  • First gererate code,  build and run the project with success. Then I save the processor setting as template and add  it in a empty PE project from the "Component Library", Generate Processor Export code with error "Incorrect Tool Chain Select", I check the new project propeties and change the "Current toolchain" as "ARM  toolchain"  in correpondence with the previous project.  Regenerate the code , there still exit 9 errors in the _arm_start.cfile .
    Undefined : "exit"__arm_start.c/PE_use_template/Project_Settings/Startup_Codeline 287C/C++ Problem
    Link failed.PE_use_templateC/C++ Problem
    mingw32-make: *** [PE_use_template.elf] Error 1PE_use_templateC/C++ Problem
    Undefined : "__aeabi_unwind_cpp_pr1"PE_use_templateline 0, external location: E:\CW_workspace\PE_use_template\RAM\Cpu_c.objC/C++ Problem
    Undefined : "__call_static_initializers"__arm_start.c/PE_use_template/Project_Settings/Startup_Codeline 251C/C++ Problem
    Undefined : "__copy_rom_sections_to_ram"__arm_start.c/PE_use_template/Project_Settings/Startup_Codeline 231C/C++ Problem
    Undefined : "__init_registers"__arm_start.c/PE_use_template/Project_Settings/Startup_Codeline 179C/C++ Problem
    Undefined : "__init_user"__arm_start.c/PE_use_template/Project_Settings/Startup_Codeline 257C/C++ Problem
    Undefined : "memset"__arm_start.c/PE_use_template/Project_Settings/Startup_Code

    line 229




    C/C++ Problem


  • Second, when I use export "Component Setting"  there still exist the same problems. Can anyone give some hints or advice to this problem?:D