Fast Charger/Adapter (TEA1936+ TEA199x+ TEA1903x/05x); LLC Resonant AC/DC Power (TEA19161+ TEA19162+ TEA1995)

File uploaded by Renee Fortenberry Employee on Sep 6, 2018
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NXP provides total USB Type-C AC/DC solutions with higher Power density, security and safety with leading technologies that enables time to market, solving application challenges and complying to key global Power regulations. NXP solution supports USB-PD, BC1.2 and Leader in QC4.0+. Resonant AC/DC supplies have superior efficiency at high power output. The TEA1916+ TEA1995 is a digital controller simplifying the complexity of resonant LLC designs and providing easy tuning. It succeeds the very popular TEA1716 used in many resonant Switch Mode Power Supplies for e.g. PC's & TV's, but the TEA1916 is actually very suitable for any power supply > 75W, e.g. medical, industrial and server power supplies. The TEA1916 uses a new digital cycle-by-cycle architecture (Vcap control) to enable a new type of operation at low-power loads.