Part 3: Software for LED Panel emulation [1]

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For showing text, graphics, animations in the LED panel, I decided to use the well known eGUI graphic library, porting the code to Kinetis SDK 1.3 + FreeRTOS and develop an eGUI low level driver for the LED panel.


This porting will have two goals:


  • Use the eGUI for controlling the LED panel
  • Use a QVGA display connected to FRDM-K82 to develop and simulate applications that will work in the LED panel


FRDM-K82 + Uctronics display:





eGUI Demo running:



I also ported PEG to FRM-K82 and Uctronics display in case could be used for bigger panels, 30 x 16 is not supported by PEG, so eGUi will be used as graphic library in this project.


PEG running in this platform:



Emulating the application that  will work on the LED panel is possible using the QVGA display:


Find attached  :

eGUI Porting to FRDM-K82 with KSDK 1.3 and FreeRTOS running the eGUI demo application

eGUI Porting to FRDM-K82 with KSDK 1.3 and FreeRTOS running the same application we will run in the LED panel. It also includes SEGGER_SYSVIEW.


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