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This demo features NXP’s new Sensor Toolbox - The complete ecosystem for product development with NXP sensors. It encompasses NXP's wide spectrum of new sensor boards and software tools across various compatible Kinetis microcontrollers, enabling ‘out of box’ sensor demonstrations, sensor evaluation, sensor application development and prototyping.

Check out a variety of impressive 'Out of Box' Sensor Demonstrations and Sensor Fusion, all enabled by NXP’s new Sensor Toolbox.  Also, don’t miss the Sensor Fusion Demo now running on the LPC platform






  • Plug and Play ‘Out of the Box’ Demonstrations with 6 different sensor hardware demo kits using the Sensor Toolbox Community Edition (STB-CE) software.
  • Showcasing the ease of quickly visualizing sensor data.
  • 6 Sensor Demo kits include :
    • FRDM-K64F-AGM01  (Sensor Toolbox Demo Kit for 9-Axis Solution)
    • FRDM-K22F-SA9500  (Sensor Toolbox Demo Kit for FXLC95000CL Intelligent Motion Sensor)
    • FRDMKL25-A8471 (Sensor Toolbox Demo Kit for FXLS8471Q  3-Axis linear Accelerometer)
    • FRDMKL25-A8491 (Sensor Toolbox Demo Kit for MMA8491Q  3-Axis Digital Accelerometer)
    • FRDMKL25-P3115 (Sensor Toolbox Demo Kit for MPL3115A2 Pressure Sensor/ Altimeter)
    • RD-KL25-AGMP01 ( Sensor Toolbox 10-Axis Data Collection Board)


  • Sensor Fusion Demo (Part of the Sensor Toolbox-CE software)
    • Demo showcasing device orientation detection in real time using 3, 6 and 9-Axis Sensor Fusion options. (Rotating 3D PCB display)
    • Showcasing no cost, open source and the most complete Sensor Fusion solution available.
    • Showcasing sensor fusion running on both Kinetis and LPC MCU platforms with NXP’s 9-axis sensor board  (AGM01-Kinetis Board and AGM01-LPC Board)




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