How to use printf() to print string to UART in KDS3.0 + KSDK1.3

Document created by Alice_Yang Employee on Dec 30, 2015Last modified by Diana Torres on Feb 28, 2017
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This document includes two chapters , chapter 1 is about how to use printf() to print string in KSDK1.3 project ,

the usage in project without MQX has been introduced on another document,

you can find it here : ,

so in this DOC I only introduce how to use the printf() in KSDK MQX- Lite and KSDK MQX-Standard project .


Chapter 2 introduces how to check which UART port is used when use printf() to print string on the FRDM board and TOWER board .


In sum, only the project of “MQX standard” use it own driver for printf(), so we need delete the driver “fsl_debug_console”.

In other SDK+PE projects , they all use the driver of “fsl_debug_console” for printf().