A patch for AN2295SW compiling issue

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Recently I have received a report which said the customers met compiling issue when they imported the an2295sw CW project file and started to build it, the error message is like the following:


When I looked into this issue, I found it was mainly due to some asm source file which was dedicated for Keil wrongly included in the CW project , so there would syntax error during compiling, and the linker issue was due to the path of linker file was wrongly defined, fix them would solve most of the compiling.

1. Fix source file issue: deselect the bootloader.asm file.


2. Fix linker file issue: redefine the correct path for linker file



There is also an exception when you try to compile with the configuration for K70 120MHz part, it is due to some files can not be opened because the including path are missing:


so besides the above changes, you have to add the paths below to solve this issue for Kinetis 120MHz part.



   BTW, during debugging, I also found it is not convenient to switch between different configurations because users have to choose the proper header file for different platforms manually, so I add the following changes to support automatic switching platform according to the configuration


but just with an exception for Kinetis K-1M 100MHz part, which still have to choose the proper platform manually.



Customers who have downloaded an2295sw may directly replace the following files with that I attached in this document, which have included all above changes mentioned.





Hope that helps,



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