Kinetis Design Studio V2.0.0 available on the Web!

Document created by Erich Styger Employee on Nov 24, 2014Last modified by Diana Torres on Feb 28, 2017
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the new release of Kinetis Design Studio V2.0.0 has been released and is available on the web (


V2.0.0 is a new full release, supporting Windows (7/8 (both 32 and 64bit) and Linux (64bit binaries for Ubuntu, RHE and CentOS) from the download tab:

Kinetis Design Studio Integrated Development |Freescale

KDS v2.0.0 download.png

(current description says 32bit for Linux, but it is really 64bit, this should be fixed soon).


What's new:

  • Support for 64bit Linux with 64bit binaries.
  • Improved NPW (New Project Wizard) which automatically creates debugger launch configurations for OpenOCD, P&E and Segger.
  • Automatic device filtering in the NPW.
  • Greatly improved Kinetis SDK support with automatically adding compiler include paths for new Kinetis SDK component and files.
  • Updated P&E and Segger debug connections
  • Built-in support for the upcoming Kinetis SDK v1.1 release
  • Updated Processor Expert (V10.4.2)
  • Many bug fixes and other improvements

Details in the Kinetis Design Studio V2.0.0 release notes (Documentation Tab).

As with the previous V1.1.0 release, new device support and Kinetis SDK support is added through the SDK Eclipse update, present in the Kinetis SDK. See the release notes for details.


There is no need to uninstall V1.1.1, as V2.0.0 can be installed in parallel, and projects are compatible. Moving to V2.0.0 is highly recommended for Linux users and anyone using the Kinetis SDK.


Best regards,

Erich Styger