FlexSPI control NORFLASH

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FlexSPI control NORFLASH

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Lately, i use i.MX RT 1052 to do a project.In the project,i want to use the FlexSPI to control two same NORFLASH,one is
controllede by portA ,i wang to use this to storage code,the code is implemented in XIP mode.the other one is controlled by
portB,i want to use this to storage data.Now,the question is one FlexSPI can realize this function?If it is feasible,how to
realize?If it is not feasible,why?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee



   It is possible to use the i.MX RT1050  FlexSPI channels A and B separately. 

You may look at section 30.7.3 (Flash Connection) of i.MX RT1050 Reference Manual (RM),

Rev. 1, 03/2018.

  I am afraid we do not have an example just for such case. Use section 30.8 (Application information)

of the RM.


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