Error: fail.txt:The transfer timed out.

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Error: fail.txt:The transfer timed out.

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Dear All:

       I'm trying to progam Hyper Flash in IMXRT1050 EVKB. I have done one by one following the document of  PMSM Field-Oriented Control on MIMXRT1050 EVK which is:

        1、Power down the board. Configure the board to the serial download mode. To achieve this, the SW7-4 should pull up and the others should pull down (Figure 19). Then power up the board.

        2. Open the Windows OS Explorer.

        3. Locate the generated binary file pmsm_ref_sol.bin:
           a) for IAR IDE—/pmsm/build_ref_solutions/evkbimxrt1050/iar/Release FLASH/.
           b) for MCUXpresso IDE—/pmsm/build_ref_solutions/evkbimxrt1050/mcux/Release FLASH/.
           c) for Keil IDE—/pmsm/build_ref_solutions/evkbimxrt1050/mdk/Release FLASH/.

        4. Drag and drop or copy and paste the selected binary file to the MSD removable drive with the volume labeled                  “RT1050-EVK” (Figure 21). After several seconds, the “RT1050-EVK” drive disappears.

Q: When I go to step 4 , The MSD appears fail.txt: The transfer timed out.

     I have replaced the lasted firmware of the OpenSDA. The figure is details of the OpenSDA. But it  doesn't figure out my problem. What should I do? Please help me.


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

 For I.MXRT1050 EVKB, Drag and drop function is not supported.  Images can be directly downloaded into Flash on board via debugger when you begin to debug source code.

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