What's the Difference between I-TCM and D-TCM

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What's the Difference between I-TCM and D-TCM

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Hi All,

    I have modified the scatter file and startup file, put all the Read-Only data, Read-Write data, Zero-Initial data on I-TCM, as you can see blow. And I found that my code was still running! The LED was still blinking!

    Now I'm a little bit confused about the difference between I-TCM and D-TCM. How would the performance of fetching the instruction on D-TCM change if I put all my code(Read-Only data) on D-TCM?

    By the way, I'm using the demo project "..\driver_examples\gpio\led_output" of RT1052 SDK for my testing.

    It seems like the application note <AN12077: Using the i.MX RT FlexRAM>  only shows the way of configuring the flexram.







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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi fengxingsheng,

  You are from China, so you can read this document which will be useful to you, this document is written by our AE, the MCUBootutility author:


• Integrated I-TCM and D-TCM RAM controller
   • 64-bit I-TCM interface and 2x 32-bit D-TCM interface.
   • Synchronous interface to the M7 Core,run at the same frequency as the core
• Integrated OCRAM controller
   • As slave module on the 64-bit system AXI bus
   • Synchronous to the system bus, runs at the same frequency as bus fabric



Wish it helps you!

If you still have questions about it, please kindly let me know!

Best Regards,




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