RT1050evbk UART example?

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RT1050evbk UART example?

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Okay I have gotten the RT1050evbk to program and run. 

I downloaded two of the uart examples.

The flexio one and the Freertos example. 
I hooked up J22 pins 1,2 as rx tx, and then j24 pin 7 as ground to an ftdi cable with the port open at 115200. Ran the examples and nothing. Notta.

So I reread the instructions and whoever wrote them was not overly clear, but it seems like they want me to connect the board to USB? Like a built in FTDI? Not exactly what I was wanting as this is just a UART. 

Any help would be appreciated. If I am reading it wrong tell me where the proper documentation is. I would like the FreeRTOS example if one could work. I would like to use the pins I mentioned as a UART

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Anthony,

You read correctly, the examples ask you to connect the board to USB because the UART pins that are configured are connected to the on-board debugger (LPC4322) that works as a USB-UART bridge so you do not need to use external FTDI.

If you like to use different pins you will need to change the pins used in the example.

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